Life Coaching with NLP

What Is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching aims to identify your goals, dreams and desires, providing a process of getting you from where you are now to where you want to be. The word coaching literally means to transport a person from one place to another. Life coaching with NLP is about not only making changes but also continuous improvement in life. When talking about achieving something, it is a dream, but if you plan it is possible, Coaching can employ various methods to help you achieve goals whether in your personal or professional life. A Life Coach will look to increase your positive beliefs, encourage you to be decisive and set out a clear direction of how to achieve what you want from life.

This is done by understanding your current situation, discussing personal attitudes to life and motivating you to set and achieve goals. Life Coaching helps you see beyond where you are today to what you can become tomorrow by working on your belief and value system, providing the stepping stones to a better future.

When Life Coaching is combined with ​NLP we have a very powerful tool; it allows us to alter the neural networks that dictate the way we think and act. People can effectively start reprogramming themselves for a more positive life. Progress can then be made by breaking through limiting beliefs in achieving specific goals or overcoming particular issues.

  • Do you want to gain more direction and clarity?
  • Do you want time to think about goals, dreams and desires?
  • Do you want to out what is important in life?
  • Do you want to to carry out changes in life with support?
  • Do you want the ability to identify hurdles that can hinder achievement?

Then coaching could be for you.
Sessions last 1 hour and can be face to face, by Skype or phone.
Fee - £85 per session or program of 4 sessions for £299 or 6 sessions £399

If you are Ready to Change? Call today for your free consultation on 07765 000847.


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