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Performance coaching with hypnotherapy

Do you want the edge to be top of your game? Whether it be in business, sport, the arts or anything else, you can be.

Do you find yourself slipping, just a little too often? Finding yourself failing to deliver at that crucial moment whether it be an important presentation, competition, show or exam? Very often when the stakes are high we fail to deliver to our full potential.

Enhancing performance and being at the top of our game is all about a state of mind, about controlling our emotions, focusing on our desired outcome and believing that we can do it. Top achievers in all fields whether it is Bill gates or Sebastian Vettel use techniques to help them control; their mind, especially their unconscious mind that is responsible for creativity, behaviours and habits, beliefs and emotions. At Ready to Change we use ​Clinical Hypnosis and ​NLP to access the unconscious mind and harness its extreme power to reprogram habitual patterns of behaviour, ensuring that we perform to our true potential.

Whatever you do, through Hypnotherapy and NLP with Ready to Change, you will be able to focus like you've never focussed before, be more creative, calmer, more positive, more confident and altogether better prepared to compete in your chosen field. Change combines hypnotherapy with ​TFT, NLP and the principles of CBT. Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes, and most people start to see results in 1 and 4 sessions. 

Session by in person or by Skype .

Fee - £85 per session program of 4 sessions £299

If you are Ready to Change and fulfil your potential call for your free consultation now 07765 000847.

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