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Hypnotherapy for phobias

A phobia is a strong fear of a thing or an event, which is out of proportion to the reality of the situation.

Fears of flying, needles, bees, lifts, dentists, heights, spiders and buttons to name just few phobias that can be treated successfully. Leaving you confident and relaxed in situations where you used to feel extremely panicky or anxious.

Phobias are seated in the unconscious part of our mind. You are probably aware of the irrational nature of the fear, but are unable to overcome it with your conscious mind...

​Clinical Hypnosis, ​TFT and ​NLP bypass your conscious mind and focus on retraining your unconscious experience. Rapid, significant change is achieved, leaving you far better equipped to live to the full.
In as little as one session, the subject of your phobia will no longer have that extreme and debilitating power over you.

Session in person or by Skype

Fee - £85 for a single session

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