“Transformation therapy and coaching with a holistic view to making lasting changes to all parts of life.”

Hypnotherapy can help you change

What will you change?

You cannot change the past but you can create a new and compelling future.

Using a combination of cutting edge proven psychological disciplines get the outcome you want as rapidly as possible. Eradicating an unwanted behaviour, gaining relief from stress and anxiety or simply building self-confidence to make important changes in your life.

If you are Ready to Change I can help. Call today for an initial telephone consultation on 07765 000847.

Stop Smoking

The National Hypnotherapy Quit Smoking Support Programme. Clinical hypnosis (hypnotherapy) combined with the principals of CBT a powerful support mechanism to assist those deciding to quit smoking.

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Conquer Phobias

All kind of Phobias including fears of spiders, needles, cats, lifts, dentists, buttons and clowns to name just few, can be successfully treated.? Leaving you relaxed and more confident in those specific situations where they used to be extremely anxious or panicky.

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Manage Your Weight

Change the way you think, feel and eat for good. This programme has been designed especially for you;

  • If you are fed up of yo-yo dieting,
  • If you are fed up of feeling deprived,
  • If you are fed up of feeling hungry,
  • If you are fed up of feeling fed up and guilty about what you eat,
  • If you are just plain fed up of dieting!
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Build Confidence

With a unique blend of therapy using Hypnotherapy, Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) combined with the principles of CBT you will immediately start to feel more confident -- not only more confident in your ability to do the things you have to do, but so much more self-confident in your ability to do whatever it is you desire.

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Relieve Stress

Are you experiencing stress? is it probably affecting all areas of your life making you feel anxious, irritable. Is it affecting your work, your relationships and your long term physical and emotional health.

There is a programme just for you.

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Stop Anxiety

Are you avoiding situations due to anxiety? Is it stopping you from living a full life?

Anxiety attacks can produce an unpleasant cocktail of symptoms; sweating palms, nausea, palpitations, hyperventilation and feelings of paranoia.

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